Advice: 10 Fun Things To Do

By Maya, Kid Staff Writer

Do you need some exciting things to do?

Here are a few ideas.

  1. Lego is a fun activity. Ideas to build are motorcycles, a construction crane, spacecraft/mars rover, and animals.
  2. Ask your parents to make a scavenger hunt in the house .
  3. Find a super big, and hard puzzle to complete.
  4. Putting away electronic devices and playing a board game is always fun.
  5. Personally I enjoy having someone describe something/someone while I draw it.
  6. If you love being outside you should try building an obstacle course out of random stuff lying around.
  7. Gather sticks and paint them for a fairy garden.
  8. Science experiments include rainbow paper, slime, and a tower of liquids.
  9. Build a fort/tent with your family.
  10. Ballsticle is a game when you build an obstacle for the balls to do.

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  1. These are really good and unique ideas! They’re ideas that aren’t ordinary and seem really entertaining. I enjoy doing scavenger hunts where I look for certain things in the house! 😁

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