Creating Colors!

By Lydia

Reporting from: Orlando, Florida 

Today we did a really fun activity and I wanted to teach you how to do it too.  Art is my favorite thing to do, especially mixing colors when I paint!  The primary colors are yellow, red and blue.  All the other colors can be made with just those three colors!

To try this out, you just need a few things:

1. Ziploc bag (sandwich size)

2. Red, Yellow & Blue paint

3. Shaving cream

Step 1:  Put two colors of paint in the bag.  You don’t need too much paint.  Maybe the size of a chocolate chip for each color.  I chose red and blue.

Step 2: Add the shaving cream.  Fill the bag 1/3 full.

Step 3: Squeeze out the air as much as you can, then close the bag TIGHT!

Step 4: Squeeze the bag to mix the colors into the shaving cream. 

Step 5: Watch the colors mix together to make a new color!  Red and blue make purple! What happens when you mix red and yellow?  Or Yellow and blue?

Looking for a book that goes well with this activity? Try The Color Kittens by Margaret Wise Brown.