E-Learning with Theresa Davis

By Cecelia Davis, Kid Editor-in-Chief, age 11

Today I will interview my sister and ask her what she likes,
dislikes, and thinks about E-Learning. Theresa is ten years old
and is a very wonderful sister. I will ask her questions and record
her responses in this article.

Theresa, what do you like most about E-Learning? I like
writing class because we get to be creative. I wrote a story about
Theresa, what do you like least about E-Learning? I don’t
like reading and math. Today in reading class, we did a math
activity. I also don’t like sports. And in that same activity, with
math and reading, it was ALL about baseball.
Theresa, what are some helpful tips you have for E-
One of my top tips is to do the hardest things first.
When you do the harder things first, it makes the easier things
seem even easier.

What would make E-Learning easier? It would make E-
Learning easier if we didn’t have math. I struggle with math,
division especially, and one time we had to do division and
geometry at the same time.
Will you kind of tell us a true short story about anything
that has happened during your E-Learning so that we can
understand it more?
During E-Learning, every day we log into
this thing called Google Classroom, and my teacher set up this,
like, Google Classroom thing called Daily Discussion. Daily
Discussion tells the schedule of the day. Then we do all of the
assignments that it says in Daily Discussion.
Do you like E-Learning or regular school better and why? I
like regular school better because we do it as a class a lot of the
time and we also have an order of doing our assignments.
What about regular school is better than E-Learning? It’s
just a little easier. Also, in the school days, we usually don’t have
enough time to do every single subject.
What about E-Learning is better than regular school? I get
to be with my family and sometimes my parents have more
answers than I could ever get from my teacher’s announcements
at the start before we do the schoolwork.
Theresa, what are some final thoughts you would like to
share before I end the interview?
I’d like to say that I hope
everyone stays safe during the quarantine, and I also thank the
doctors and nurses who save the lives of people.