How I Spent My Birthday During the Quarantine

By Lucinda

It was my birthday on April 4th. I was excited, but a little sad because I didn’t know how I would spend my birthday. Then, I saw my mom. She said somebody was here and said I could only look through the window though. I looked out the window and I saw my grandparents! It was a really fun surprise! They also dropped off a present for me! I had to wash my hands before and after I opened the present.

A bit after that, my friend Vivi came! Even though I just saw her driving by and wave and stuff, I was real happy to see her and her mom! She dropped off a card in the mailbox! When she left, me and my mom went and got the card! The card even had a friendship bracelet inside! I quickly put it on! It was even my favorite colors! I knew that her birthday would be in a few days.

Now, I wasn’t felling sad at all. Then, my aunt and uncle came! They brought Spritzel. Spritzel is their dog, and she even has the same birthday as me! They dropped off a present too! Then, a firetruck came for my birthday.

Last, I had a birthday party online. I got to see my friends and family on my mom’s computer! We sang “Happy Birthday” and then I got to eat cake! I had the best 8th birthday ever!