Mad Libs: E-Learning Problems

By Theresa

This morning, I [past tense verb] into my computer to do my e-learning for the day. When I opened my Google Classroom, I saw that I had three assignments: math, reading, and science. My math assignment
was to [verb] my [noun]. My reading assignment was to read [number] pages in [book title]. My science assignment was to go outside and find three different kinds of rocks in my yard and identify them. I liked
reading [same book title]. I [past tense verb] it with my [noun]. The rocks all had [plural noun] and dirt on them. I had to [verb] them in the sink. I did not like [verb ending in –ing] them. Math took so long, I barely
had any time to [verb] my [noun]. After I turned my work in, my teacher said that I now have a(n) [letter grade] in math, science, and reading. That’s why I don’t like e-learning!