At-Home Scavenger Hunt

By Cecelia Davis, Kid Editor-in-Chief, age 11

Want to have fun at home? Have an at-home scavenger hunt. Copy this twenty-item list onto a sheet of paper and take it around your house as you attempt to find all twenty items. Play this game with a family member or just challenge yourself. Feel free to time yourself, but you don’t need to. If you can’t find all the items, don’t worry! Just have fun and try your best.

1. A teddy bear

2. A can of soda (empty or full)

3. Ten dollars (if you borrow it from your parents, be sure to return it!)

4. Something green

5. A pair of scissors

6. A tube of mint toothpaste

7. Any type of vegetable

8. Anything with the letter T on it (a book cover, a poster, a cereal box)

9. A set of pajamas (one piece or two piece)

10. A bag of marshmallows (mini marshmallows or giant ones)

11. Any building material, like Legos or Magna-Tiles

12. A disposable water bottle

13. A book that you can write in (like a journal or a Mad Libs book)

14. A bath towel

15. A pair of glasses (sunglasses, crazy glasses, or regular glasses)

16. A book with a red cover

17. Your most valuable possession (everyone’s will be different)

18. Any type of electronic device (a phone, a computer, an iPod, etc.)

19. A piece of gum (you can’t be already chewing it)

20. A blank sheet of paper (any size is fine, and it CAN be lined)