Baby Deer

By Nora Roth, Kid Naturalist, age 9

Hi it’s Nora 😊 again.  Today I am going to tell you all about baby white-tailed deer.  I got excited to write about this because our neighbors a baby deer born in their yard a couple of days ago (see picture of fawn below). 

Baby deer (fawn) are generally born in the late Springtime. It can take a fawn several hours to stand up and walk.  Newborn fawns are alone and separated from their mom (doe) after birth.  This helps to protect the fawns from predators.  The white spots on the fawn help to camouflage (blend into surroundings) them in the forest.  White tailed deer are herbivores and the fawn drinks their mother’s milk.  When fawn are born they might be less scared of humans than the doe, but you should never touch a newborn fawn those that are moved or touched are less likely to survive.