Game Review: Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch

By Ethan and Olivia , ages 8 and 5

My name is Ethan Day, and I am 8 years old.  My sister’s name is Olivia, and she is 5 years old.  We both live in Dunlap and love going to the Peoria Playhouse.  Together we will be reviewing various books and games over the next several weeks.  Today we will be giving a review of the Nintendo Switch game: Animal Crossing, and explaining what the game is all about.  

Animal Crossing is a great game for beginners and younger kids, as the controls and the plot are easy to understand.  The story of the game is simple.  You start off by picking the island you want to live on and the main character Tom Nook elects you for president.  In the beginning there isn’t much going on on the island, but as you start to make friends, earn money called “Bells”, and collect island resources your island starts to come to life with activity.  After you start crafting all the necessary tools your world opens up by letting you explore more of your island.  As you progress through the game your living situation improves also going from a tent to a house which only grows over time.  Olivia’s favorite part of Animal Crossing is getting new clothes, and decorating the inside of her house with wallpaper, a dining table, and pictures to put on her walls.  Olivia also loves to plant flowers outside her house to make it inviting to visitors.  My (Ethan’s) favorite part of the game is collecting fossils to fill up the island museum, which is by far the largest building on the island.  The museum is a focus of the game housing all kinds of specimens like, bugs, fish, and fossils.  The museum curator is an owl named Blathers who helps you immensely by giving you recipes to build more tools. 

Animal Crossing has been a very fun video game that the whole family can join in on, and it is good for kids just learning how to use the Switch.  The game is full of surprises since every day brings a new adventure.  The game is also perfect during this time of social distancing, since you can connect with your friends and visit their island and interaction with their world.  Lastly, one of the reasons the game is so fun is the open world concept letting you explore at your own pace.

In conclusion, it is the perfect game for everyone.