Game Review: Monopoly

By Ethan and Olivia, Kid Staff Writers, ages 8 and 5

The game of Monopoly is 83 years old, and has been played by thousands of families.
Monopoly has been a favorite of our family ever since the shelter in place was put in order, because it sometimes can take multiple days to finish. One of the reasons Monopoly is a great game is because it teaches you about investing and property ownership. One of the strategies I like to use when starting the game is to focus on getting certain color sets of properties.  Getting color, or property sets give you the ability to place houses and hotels on your property which allows you to get more money in rent when am opponent lands on it. Olivia, who is five, is just learning the game and loves to be on her mom’s team and work as the banker handling the money. The game can have many ups and downs.  One bad thing that can happen is you can be sent to jail, but a good thing that can happen is when people land on your property and you end up making a lot of money from rent. The game ends when players run out of money and the person who still has money in the end is the winner.  If you’re looking for a game that is exciting and lasts a long time this is a good choice. Monopoly can be found at your local toy stores such as Walmart and Target, and online at for $19.99. Hope you have fun playing!  Look for our next article in two weeks when we review the Nintendo Switch game: Zelda Breath of the Wild.