Nature Fairy House and Furniture Ideas

By Maya, Kid Staff Writer

Fairy House

Fairies need somewhere to live, you can build them an outdoor fairy house out of sticks or stones and mud. When gathering materials make sure your sticks are not curved. As the diagram shows you, to build walls you lay down a stick then mud, a stick then mud, a stick then mud until it is as tall as you want. Do the same with the roof.

A tip when connecting walls and the roof is to make the mud touching the stick. Remember to make sure your mud holds its shape like clay would. Also keep water close in case your mud is too dry to use. Dirt can fill in gaps, and dry mud can be used if it gets too wet.


Houses always have furniture like chairs and beds. To make a chair either fold mud over your finger or mold it.

Beds are a little simpler. To make the beds you lay down some sticks that are about the same size close together then cover them with mud on both sides. When done, always put your furniture in the sun to bake. You can tell if it is done by how hard it is.

You can also be creative and paint your artwork. I hope you have as much fun creating your fairy house as I did.