Mad Libs: Quarantine

By Cecelia Davis, Kid Editor-in-Chief, age 11

While on quarantine, copy this Mad Lib onto a sheet of paper and fill in the
blanks with the help of a friend or family member! Note: when the Mad Lib
asks for a verb, be sure to use a verb that fits well with an object, like the
verbs “eat” or “hug.” Using verbs like “stare” or “run” won’t work unless you use something like “stare at” or “run towards.”

When I got the news that school was going to be closed for at least
[NUMBER] weeks, I was [EMOTION]. I [ADVERB] told my friend
[CLASSMATE] that I would be sure to [VERB] them every day over
quarantine so that we could stay in touch. I was excited because school
would be closed and I wouldn’t have to do [SUBJECT] problems in class. I
was also kind of sad because I wouldn’t be able to see my friends
[CLASSMATE] and [CLASSMATE]. [ADVERB], my friends were able to
call me over their [LETTER] phones. The weather was also pretty [TYPE
outside, and I liked waking up to a [COLOR] sky. I was
determined to make the best of this [ADJECTIVE] situation.