Rainbow Paper

By Maya, Kid Staff Writer, age 8

This is a super cool science experiment/ art project. First grab your tools. You will need a small bowl, clear nail polish, some strips of black paper, water, a plate, and a towel. Unless the nail polish is yours make sure to ask for permission. Now fill your small bowl up with water. Make sure it is about ¾ full.  Next add a drop or two of nail polish into to the bowl. The easier and faster way is to gently pour the nail polish using the bottle not the brush. After the nail polish drips a little, take one strip of black paper, dip into water, and scoop up the drops of nail polish. Now set it on a plate to dry. Sometimes the excess nail polish will turn into slimy papery stuff. You can use whatever you like to get it out, but I recommend using your strips of black paper. Two pieces of paper = one drop of nail polish.  Repeat all steps. On the side you can see the before and after pictures of what it looks like. #1= before #2= after. You can make tons of things out of your rainbow paper, like accessories for characters in book or drawings you make.   I hope you liked this science experiment/ art project.                                                                                       

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  1. My siblings did something similar to this at school one time. It turned out super cool. The explanation for this science experiment is actually that the color black absorbs all colors, and when you put the nail polish on, the colors bounce in between the clear and the black. That’s why you see the rainbow. The color white is the opposite of black; all of the colors bounce off of the color white. Cool tip: since color is different light rays, then if you want to stay cooler on a summer day then wear white because the light rays bounce off of it and if you want to stay warmer on a winter day, wear black because the light rays are absorbed and you stay warmer.

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