Staying Active During Summertime

By Cecelia Davis, Kid Editor-in-Chief, age 11

My first editorial article will be about five things to do this summer to stay active! Since school is out for the year, or will be soon, depending on what school you go to, I think that it’s only right to prepare for summer.

First on my list is playing sports. Some people don’t really like sports, but others do. Some sports are baseball, soccer, football, basketball, and even just a simple game of catch. If you don’t have siblings to play sports with, try tossing a ball into the air and seeing how many times you can catch it in a row. Some people might not have equipment for sports, and that’s OK! Who said you have to play catch with a ball? Stuffed animals and pillows work too!

Second on my list is have a water fight with your siblings! If you don’t have siblings, just run around in a sprinkler a few times, or play with your parents! Get on your swimsuit, fill up some water balloons and water guns, then get ready for a great water fight. Soon, you’ll be drenched in water, laughing!

Third on my list is run outside! To add excitement to running, have a race with your siblings, or set a stopwatch and see if you can go faster and break your record. Run laps, run in a straight line, or run in pointless zigzags around your backyard! 

Fourth is jump rope. If you don’t have a jump rope, then you can use yarn — it doesn’t work as well as jump ropes do, but if you’re desperate, it DOES work! Try seeing how many jumps you can do in a minute, and keep on trying to beat your record!

Fifth on my list is to have a dance party! Put on your favorite music (a past article by Owen and Bennett Hague entitled “Family Dance Party Playlist” recommends a list of music) and just go crazy! Do one by yourself in your room or invite the whole family to party with you! Have fun!

Just because we’re at home doesn’t mean we get to just lounge around. Summer is an opportunity to stay active and have fun. I would recommend that you try one of these activities so that you can stay active and have a great summer. Try fifteen minutes of being active per day (that’s what I do at my house, except in addition to the fifteen minutes of being active, we have to clean for twenty minutes). Have a great summer!