Video Games According to Elliott

By Cecelia Davis, Kid Editor-in-Chief, age 11

Today we welcome back everyone’s favorite three-year-old for a topic that
he will enjoy talking about–video games! He’s a three-year-old who gives
hysterical responses that everyone loves laughing at. In this issue of the
PlayHouse Times, hope for some normal answers but prepare for some
nonsensical replies!

We’ll start with the first question that is always answered “Bad.”
Elliott, today I am going to ask you some questions about video
games, and how does that sound?
What is your favorite video game to play? Bad Larry.
Why is that your favorite video game to play? Cause, I can talk in a
Larry voice!
Who is your favorite character in that video game? It’s…Larry! Ha, ha,
What game system does this go on? The Larry System.
What video game do you not recommend? Myself.
What game system is your favorite? All of them!
What are your overall feelings towards video games? Ludwig cake.
Do you have any last thoughts about video games or anything you
would just like to share with the world?
Larry Koopa, try to defeat the

To whom it may concern: Larry is one of the “Koopalings” from the Mario
games. Ludwig is also a “Koopaling.” Myself is not a real video game and you cannot play Bad Larry on the Larry System–both are nonexistent.
Thank you for reading.