Game Review: Papa’s Bakeria

By: Cecelia Davis, Kid Editor-in-Chief, age 11

One of my favorite computer games is Papa’s Bakeria. The game is about running a bakery where you make different kinds of pies. The way the game works is by having different days. It doesn’t actually take a full day to complete a day in the game. Depending on how far you are in the game, there are a certain number of customers per day. Each customer orders the pie they want, and you have to make it for them. The first time you play the game, you will be in training, which means the computer will tell you what to do.

Every time you make a pie, the customer gives it a certain amount of points. If the customer likes your pie, they give it a lot of points and also a big tip. You can spend your tips at the shop, where you can buy upgrades, clothes, wallpaper, flooring, furniture, and posters for the bakery in the game. You don’t spend real money to buy things in the game. 

You can unlock new toppings, crust flavors, crust tops, fillings, and customers each day. You also get paid on Pay Day and you get to spend that money at the shop. When you get new customers, you get to view the parade, where the workers and the customers ride by on floats and walk in the parade.

There are also mini-games after each day. When you beat the mini-games you can earn prizes. You get tickets for the mini-games by earning points, and then your customers give you tickets. You can skip the mini-games after each day if you want, but you’ll probably want to do them so you can get prizes.

You can also earn new specials. Customers come in with these gold envelopes, and if you give them the order they want and quickly, they give you specials that you can serve. If you serve one special five times, you get a special prize. Also, each special you serve comes with a bonus, like twice the tips or 155% points.

There is more to the game than I wrote here. I hope that you will like this game as much as I do. If you want to play it, then you can type this into the computer address bar: This game is very fun. I hope you decide to play it.