Game Review: Top Trumps

By Olivia and Ethan, Kid Staff Writers, ages 5 and 8

Welcome back to another edition of “Ethan and Olivia’s game review”. This week we will be telling you about a fun card game called, “Top Trump”. There are many different versions of this game. For example, we own three editions of Top Trump, Frozen 2 the Movie, Predator, and Natural Wonders of the World Editions.

To start the game, you deal out all of the cars to all the players. Each card shows a picture of the place, person, or thing. And on each card are fun facts and ratings for 5 categories, which vary depending on which version you are playing. The boy or girl, whose turn it is, chooses a player to go up against, and then challenges by selecting one of their categories that they think can beat the other player. For example, when playing the Frozen 2 edition, if you have the “Dark Sea Elsa” card her bravery card is 98 which will beat all other cards in the deck. After beating your opponent, the winning player gets to go again. Players get knocked out of the game when all of their cards get taken away. Once all the players except one are knocked that person is the winner.

Top Trump retails for $9.95 on Amazon, and makes for a great gift since you can buy a version for almost anything. Top Trump is a great game to take on trips since it is so small and easy to play. Hopefully you find a version on a subject that you are interested in!