Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

By Cecelia Davis, Kid Editor-in-Chief, age 11

Hello, my name is Cecelia Davis and I am eleven years old. Today I will be suggesting some different creative ideas for Father’s Day gifts that you can give your dad. Father’s Day is approaching on the twenty-first of June. Here are some different ideas for gifts that you can make for your dad.

My first idea is to write a list of five things that you like about your dad. Your list doesn’t have to be fancy-looking, it could be written on a sheet of notebook paper. But if you want to, you could take your time making your dad a list of things written on a square of blank paper with a nicely-drawn border around the edge. This gift may not seem like much, but it will make your dad happy to know he’s appreciated.

My second idea is to make a scrapbook for your dad of fun things you’ve done together. The scrapbook can be an actual scrapbook that you purchase, or you can work on making a slideshow on your computer or something. This will make your dad very happy and, besides, it will be fun looking through the pictures while you put the scrapbook together.

My third idea is to draw a picture of your dad. If you like to draw realistic things, look at photos and try to copy off of them. Or, if you want to (you’ll probably come out with a better picture this way), ask your dad to pose for you while you draw his picture (if you don’t want the gift to be a surprise). If you like to draw cartoon-style, then try your best to draw a simple version of the way your dad looks. You don’t need to color it, but coloring always adds more to the artwork.

My fourth idea is more complicated than the other ideas and you will need certain supplies for it (but your dad will love it!). Purchase a blank white T-shirt and some fabric markers. If you already have these supplies, great! If you don’t, blank white T-shirts aren’t that expensive and can be purchased in many places. Draw on the T-shirt with the fabric markers. Write your dad’s name, draw pictures, write a saying he likes…anything! (If you want to, you can buy a T-shirt in your dad’s favorite color, it doesn’t have to be white; just make sure your drawings will show up.) Just be aware that sometimes writing on fabric is difficult because the fabric doesn’t always stay smooth.

My fifth idea is to make your dad breakfast in bed. If you don’t have a breakfast in bed tray, you don’t have to serve your dad the breakfast in bed (it’s just a nice touch). If you’re not a great cook or don’t know how to cook, you could just prepare breakfast instead. (If you are working with knives or heat, make sure you have adult supervision and/or approval.)

My sixth idea is an idea that you won’t need any materials for. Though it’s not a complicated or grand gift, it is one that your dad will love and very much appreciate. Give your dad a hug and tell him that you love him. Tell him things you love about him. And then ask him if he wants to do something with you (play a sport, draw pictures, just sit and talk). 

I hope you liked my ideas and are either able to use one of them or get inspiration from one of them. Father’s Day is coming up soon on the twenty-first and there are many great ways to show your dad you care.