“How To Draw” Videos

By Maya, Kid Staff Writer

Today I am going to tell you about a YouTube channel with “How-to-Draw” videos. It is called Art for Kids’ Hub You can draw anything from Ariel to Luke Skywalker to a unicorn. I like it because the lessons can be simple or very hard. Another reason is the more times you draw the same thing over and over again, the easier hard things become. It is fun because I can learn new drawing techniques. In the video, they walk you through the drawing step by step.


To access Art for Kids’ Hub. Right click the link at the end of this article. Once on the channel go to the search bar. Then type How to Draw and what you want to draw, for instance How to Draw Ariel. Once you click the video it will play and show you how to draw Ariel. Once the drawings are done, they will color the picture. At the end you can pause the video to match the coloring or you can choose your own colors.

Here are a few drawing examples

Ariel is a finished drawing, Jasmine is done except for her outline and background, Luke Skywalker has just started being colored in, and Super Man has just finished the drawing stage and has not been colored in at all.

I hope you liked Art for Kids’ Hub as much as I did.