The Pink Dolphin

By Nora Roth, Kid Naturalist, age 9

Hello fellow nature lovers, today we will be discussing my favorite animal, the Amazon Pink River Dolphin. When the River Dolphins are born they are gray, but as they get older they turn pink! Their color is influenced by diet, behavior and sunlight. They can even become more pink when they are excited, like when you blush! The healthier they are the more pink they can be and girl dolphins like healthy boys so they can have healthy babies. Males even give logs and twigs to females, like when your Dad gives your mom flowers.

Dolphins that live in the ocean have necks that are fused, meaning they cannot turn their head like you and I. Pink River Dolphins can turn their head so they can maneuver around a very crowded river environment. They are also more solitary than ocean going dolphins, River dolphins can live in small groups of 4 normally where some dolphin species can have pods with more than one hundred. Pink River Dolphins ancestors used to live in the ocean but evolved the ability to survive in fresh water where there are less predators.

All dolphins and whales use echolocation to “see” in dark water but River Dolphins have more advanced echolocation in the muddy river where you can barely see your flipper in front of your face.