Snowdrop the Bunny

By Cecelia Davis, Kid Editor-in-Chief, age 11

A few days ago, my sister Theresa and I were playing a game outside when I spotted a tiny bunny near some bushes. I pointed to the bunny and showed Theresa the bunny. When the bunny scrambled into the bushes, Theresa and I started jumping up and down and saying things like, “Wasn’t that so cute?” 

The bunny came back out of the bushes and we quietly called my brothers Henry and Owen over to the bushes. Henry and Owen came running over and we showed them the bunny. They didn’t have the same reaction that Theresa and I had, but they still loved the bunny.

We decided to name the little bunny Snowdrop and Theresa ran inside to tell my mom about the bunny. When my mom came out, she was very excited. She loved the little bunny and we stayed outside to watch the bunny go in and out of the bushes. It was so cute!

The next day we were eating dinner and my mom looked out the window. She saw the bunny and said, “The little bunny! Oh, it’s going up against the house now…you won’t be able to see it from here.” But my mom had an idea. She slipped on her shoes and walked outside. Theresa and I did the same thing.

The bunny came so close to us. We followed it to a tree in our backyard and followed it to the bushes where we assumed it had made its home. My mom, Theresa, and I loved Snowdrop. We appreciated the wonderful gift of nature.