Editorial: Homeschooling This Year

By Cecelia, Kid Editor-in-Chief, age 11

This year we are homeschooling. We do different subjects, including math, science, history, and language arts. (We do art, music, and gym, too, which my mom made me write so you don’t think we’re breaking the law since those are all the subjects you have to do in homeschool.) In math, we read something in my math book then usually I do a worksheet. So far I have learned about binary and hexadecimal systems as well as representing place value on an abacus. We also learned about Roman numerals. Math is sometimes fun but it can also be hard. Math is probably my least favorite subject even though sometimes I find it enjoyable. I don’t do math with my siblings, since we are all at different levels in math. Except for Owen and Theresa, who are twins, we all have different math books and lessons.

For science, we read pages in our science book and our mom asks us questions about it. Both Owen and Theresa, who are just a year younger than me, do it with me. My brother Henry will be getting his own science book pretty soon, one more suitable for his age, that he can use. My brother Elliott normally uses his activity coloring book or plays with this small wooden puzzle that we have. He is three years old and doesn’t do homeschooling yet. Anyways, in science now we are learning about minerals. I learned some stuff about minerals last year but I am learning new things too.

For history, my mom bought a book series that we are reading. Both Owen and Theresa do it with me. My mom reads us a part of the book and then has us narrate it back to her to prove we understood. We are learning about ancient times and we learned about how people learn about history. I think history is kind of cool and I think my siblings enjoy it too.

Language arts is my favorite subject! We are doing secret read-alouds, which means my mom orders books online, hides them in her closet, and surprises us with what they are. It is fun. Our first secret read-aloud is A Little Princess, which Owen, Theresa, and I all like. We write papers every week on what we have read so far. That’s not really the fun part, but I still enjoy language arts. Anyways, homeschool has been pretty fun! I enjoy it. I hope your school year is great too no matter where you are going to school.