About the Writers

picture of cecelia

Staff Writer, Kid Editor-in-Chief : Cecelia, age 11

Meet Cecelia: our Kid Editor-in-Chief

Cecelia likes reading, writing, singing, drawing, dancing, photography, declamation, and really just anything creative. She also likes origami though she doesn’t do it that often and isn’t very good at it.

Fun Facts:

  • Her favorite foods are apples, pasta, and ice cream.
  • She plays the electric keyboard and loves music.
Nora Roth

Staff Writer, Kid Naturalist: Nora, age 9

Meet Nora: our Kid Naturalist

Nora loves the outdoors, nature, and animals. Nora wants to be a vet when she grows up!

Fun Facts:

  • She likes to play with her puppy and family.
  • She likes to play with her pony on her grandparent's farm.

Kid Staff Writer, Maya

Meet Maya: our Kid Staff Writer

Maya likes sports, reading particularly mysteries, and science experiments.

Fun Facts:

  • Her favorite author is Rick Riordan.
  • She enjoys rock climbing, tennis, and soccer.
Ethan and Olivia

Kid Staff Writers: Ethan, age 8 and Olivia, age 5

Meet Ethan and Olivia: our Kid Staff Writers

Ethan and Olivia are a brother and sister journalist duo, who love coming to the PlayHouse.