Writing Tips

Need some writing tips to help get you started? You're in the right place! Here are some of our favorite tips to help you through the creative process.

 Step 1: Choose a topic

What's something that interests you?

Do you really like reading? Write about your favorite books, stories, and graphic novels!

Do you like talking to people? Maybe you should conduct an interview! (Learn how to be a news reporter from Shelbey Roberts at WMBD!)

Do you love playing outside? Write about your favorite games to play in the yard!

You can write about anything you like!

Step 2: Think about the format

Are you writing a review? Or an opinion piece? An advice column? Are you a great artist? Your article can be in paragraphs, a list, or even a comic strip - it's up to you!

A review of something is almost like a book report at school - you would write about the characters, the plot, and any other important points. But you can write reviews about anything - try reviewing movies, TV shows, music, or even games!

An opinion piece is an article where you talk about what you think about something. You can write your opinion on anything! Write about something as big as your thoughts on what's happening in the world right now or as small as what you think about breakfast for dinner.

An advice column is kind of like an interview. Someone tells you about a problem they are having, and you tell them what you would do in that situation. Is there anyone in your life who has a problem they need help with?

Step 3: Grab a pen!

Now that you have a topic and chose a format, it's time to get creative! If you're conducting an interview, start writing questions to ask the person you are interviewing. If you're making a video, write a script to follow so you don't forget anything you wanted to say. If you're making a comic, start creating your characters. Have an adult that likes reading look at your work when you're done to help you make it better. Remember, it's okay if it's not perfect the first time! Most authors make a few drafts before they get it just right!


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Grammar Tips

Now that you have an idea for what to write about, here are our favorite grammar tips to make sure your article is the best it can be!

To learn about some of the most important parts of speech, watch these Schoolhouse Rock videos!

Nouns are a person, place, thing, or idea.


Verbs are action words. 

Adjectives are words that describe things.


Every sentence has a subject and a predicate.

Parents - need some more assistance helping your young journalists with their writing skills? Here is a list of our favorite games that help with grammar and punctuation. Want to get in on the learning fun? Purdue Owl has a great guide to grammar for educators.